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Hardwood floors make a beautiful, timeless addition to your home. However, they can get dull, scratched and damaged over the years if you don’t keep up with regular maintenance. That’s why Landry Wood Flooring offers sanding and refinishing services to ensure your floors stay looking new throughout their lifespan. We can help restore your hardwood floors to their former glory without all the hassle, mess and smell of traditional sanding and refinishing processes.

Using the latest equipment backed by skill and training, we provide dustless sanding (at no extra charge!) for a no-mess, no-stress process that leaves your floors looking like new. With traditional systems, airborne dust can settle into surrounding furniture and carpeting, building up a film over hard surfaces such as walls, doors, drapes, fixtures, picture frames, and pianos.

We avoid all that with our time-tested method, utilizing special hoses, filters and connections to state of the art vacuums that capture 95 percent of the dust that is created by the sanding and refinishing process. We put the health and safety of our clients and employees first, thanks to the use of our dust containment system -- the Eliminator 3000 by Latta Equipment -- that works to control the amount of dust created. We tried many systems before settling on this one. Trust us: not all ductless systems are created equal. All the others just didn’t have the suction required to handle the job.

After sanding is done, we provide complete refinishing services to ensure your floors retain the shine and sparkle they were meant to have. We use quick dry stains as well as water-based and oil-based coatings for the ultimate in color and protection.

Be proud of your hardwood floors again with dustless sanding and refinishing! Landry Wood Flooring is your one-stop-shop for unfinished, pre-finished, and laminate flooring services.

Our Service Area

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New Hampshire
  • Amherst, NH Hardwood Sanding
  • Atkinson, NH Hardwood Sanding
  • Bedford, NH Hardwood Sanding
  • Derry, NH Hardwood Sanding
  • E. Hampstead, NH Hardwood Sanding
  • Hampstead, NH Hardwood Sanding
  • Hudson, NH Hardwood Sanding
  • Litchfield, NH Hardwood Sanding
New Hampshire
  • Londonderry, NH Hardwood Sanding
  • Manchester, NH Hardwood Sanding
  • Merrimack, NH Hardwood Sanding
  • Nashua, NH Hardwood Sanding
  • Pelham, NH Hardwood Sanding
  • Plaistow, NH Hardwood Sanding
  • Salem, NH Hardwood Sanding
  • Andover, MA Hardwood Sanding
  • Bradford, MA Hardwood Sanding
  • Dracut, MA Hardwood Sanding
  • Haverhill, MA Hardwood Sanding
  • Methuen, MA Hardwood Sanding
  • N. Andover, MA Hardwood Sanding
  • Tewksbury, MA Hardwood Sanding
  • Wilmington, MA Hardwood Sanding
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